Sunday, November 21, 2004 2:36 AM

Great Idea.... wireless DS software snatching

This from a slashdot posting about the DS...

"If the DS can download a game from another DS using one cartridge, doesn't this open the door for someone using a computer (probably with a little emulation) to send a rom image to the DS?"

Frigging ingenious. If 1) The DS can download playable ROMS from other cartridges - which they must because only one person need owe a game for all to play. 2) If the DS uses 802.11 - which it has widely been confirmed to do..... Then any modern laptop should be able to beam a temporary software to the DS which it can run as a ROM.

I'm sure this is a tantalizing option to hackers - why hassle with producing writable DS hardware cartridges to run software when we can just squirt it over?

Other implications... Media player? Blast streaming audio or video to your DS within the home by running a TiVo media server-type client on your desktop.



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