Wednesday, November 24, 2004 1:25 AM

I got my dead pixel - did you get yours?

The DS has a few problems. There are reports of "dead pixels" (pixels permanently stuck on one color) - mine is a single blue pixel on the touch screen. Can you spot it? It is the sort of thing that would bother some people and not bother others. I can only see my dead pixel when i'm playing games, brushing my teeth or closing my eyes.

A Picture from my PCS Vision Camera

Nintendo has pledged to fix this if you bring the dead pixel to their attention within the one year warranty. Most people are also coming around to the idea that the "OS" is a little kludgey: to move from program to program you must restart the unit; this only takes 3 seconds, but it keeps you from multi-tasking, for instance - if you wanted to go from a game to pictochat if the unit detects another player nearby.

We need a firmware update - or a more hospitable developer relationship to the self-same 20 somethings Nintendo courts to sell all those units.



At 12:45 AM, Anonymous said...

I understand that blue is kind of rare. Most dead pixels are red or white. Maybe you should put up a poll or something so we could start looking at some numbers.


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