Saturday, November 20, 2004 6:50 PM

Mod-liness is next to god-liness....

What is the Nintendo DS?

The Nintendo DS (which stands for "double screen") is handheld gaming console released on November 21, 2004 which provides a heck of a lot for a very small price tag ($150.) The DS is a clamshell design with two small screens - the bottom one a touch screen that can be used with the included stylus or finger. Both screens have independent (complimentary) CPUs and the DS comes standard with microphone, stereo speakers, input pads and best of all - an internal wi-fi antenna.

The computing power in this toy is signifigant - if it were being sold as a PDA it would cost more than twice as much. On the Internet there are communities of engineers, tinkerers and hobbyists who want to unlock this device so that any software, not just Nintendo sanctioned software, can be made to run on the device. They do this for free, in their spare time so that the rest of the world can not only make games, but

These men - nay, these gods...are out there working hard to free this hardware for everyone.

I am not one of those men. But I watch their news quite closely and I'll try to distill it down to it's prescient points from a review-based vantage so that you might benefit from my obsession.
This is a place for me to keep my bookmarks and notes as I learn how to hack and develop for the DS.

[=[ Brett ]=]

"You take a Comanche Indian or Apache Indian, and they get themselves a rifle. They’re left with the stigma that this is an item manufactured by a superior culture...they get buckskin, tack it, shrink it, wrap it around the gun stock. That makes it their own, and that gives it an Indian soul."

-Rbt. Williams



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