Monday, December 06, 2004 11:50 PM

DS "guaranteed" to be tunnelled in 10-12 days.

"I guarantee that you will be enjoying your Nintendo DS online within 10-12 days, if everything falls into plan..."

This from Nitro Online (, an open source effort to tunnel games on the Nintendo DS, as reported from a chat session with DSUpdate. This as the trash talk escalates between Nitro Online and XLink - both groups vying to be the first to tunnel the DS.

Strutting or bluster? I guess we'll know by 12/19/04.

Here's a thought:

1. Nitro Online claims to be "self-sufficient. We've got our own money to build and promote Nitro Online."
2. They're weirdly sycophantic towards the Nintendo sanctioned Demasked project, behaving as though (IMO) either in on the secret and loving it or trying to garner Demasked support in WarpPipe's old stomping grounds by kissing brown eye.
3. They've announced that they're releasing without seemingly having much in the way of developers or lead time.

Seems to me - If Nitro Online pulls this off we've either got an inside job, collaborating with WarpPipe/staff or Nitro Online may have the corporate turncoat we've all been waiting for to leak the DS dev kit.

Just a theory.




At 12:51 AM, Anonymous said...

or they are just talking shit


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