Saturday, December 04, 2004 1:25 PM

Nintendo DS Linux Interface Concepts

This thread at has a few posts showing prototype interfaces for the in-development Nintendo DS port of Linux. Keep in mind that these are nowhere near concrete and enjoy the fantasty of envisioning these screens displayed on your DS sometime in the near future.

Also - make your own. Here's my take on the form factor....

1) The bottom screen works like two opposite facing iPod scroll wheels. Using the thumb or stylus to lazily draw a figure 8 on the touchscreen advances through nested menu options.

2) The initial screen allows you to scroll through a vertical list where the selected box grows and deselected boxes shrink. Think GBA Advance Wars

3) Instead of a standard left>right reading XP / OSX folder structure, subsequent levels of the hierarchy appear alternatingly to the left or right of the previous option. The top screen mirrors the selected option in a readable form. Letting the stylus linger on any menu option grows that option box to include all choices for that level.

Pretty far out, huh? Non-standard as hell, but I was hoping to keep the text readable on the small screen, and imbue the touch screen the same basic vibe as the iPod touch wheel. I'm no C++ programmer but if anyone from DS Linux bites on this idea I'd be delighted to refine, customize and deliver interface graphics if it would help the effort....




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