Sunday, December 19, 2004 5:46 PM

To Serve Crow

12/19/04 - today is the date by which Nitro Online originally boasted they would have the DS tunneled. It isn't midnight yet, but at a risk of a "Dewey Defeats Truman" reversal, it is safe to say that Nitro didn't make their deadline.

On the eve of their ship date Nitro issued a seeming retraction. They explained they had expanded the scope of the project to encompass a wider hardware user base and this could further delay release. Apparently it did.

6 days still remain for Team XLink to meet their stated goal of tunneling by Xmas.

The bottom line is that right now we're in the eye of the storm. Anticipation of the DS put people at the ready and they divided into camps. DS tunneling. DSLinux. WiFi hacking. NiFi hacking. Cart hacking. The DS came out and the lucky few to get them hit the ground running.Initial results were favorable. We snatched Pictochat packets out of the air. XLinx got Metroid multiplayer running over wifi running smoothly with a ping of 100ms. The various tunneling teams started throwing down and announcing release dates even as trash talk escalated. Then...


This is that nothing. Nothing to report. Nothing is happening.

That said - we're 6 days away from XLink's goal and you can bet that Nitro is pulling long hours to get their tunneling working before then. Nitro assuredly wants that sweet, sweet, title of "first-to-tunnel." They're already passed what must have been, at one point, a safe release date - and they may well be very, very close.

No matter who is first - once we're tunneled and that code has been disseminated, we'll have necessary components of DS wifi hacking in place which will in turn spur advances in DS Linux, and the whole panoply of DS homebrew.

And that's what's going to happen next. And it should be coming shortly. But as for now, we're still smack in the middle of nothing.

Soon. Soon.



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