Sunday, December 05, 2004 11:17 PM

Xlink Kai makes an announcement....keep waiting.

The brave men and women of XLink Kai look like the mod community's best shot of tunnelling* DS games and they've been making a lot of headway. First they tunnelled Pictochat. Then they tunneled Metroid. Now they got....

- Nothing is being made public yet. It's a reality, but it's still happenning.
- We know that: worst case, "you're going to need to buy a WRT54G router." Best case, "if you have a linux box with network card X, Y or Z, that you wont need to buy anything." This is a starting place.
- Storms a-brewin'. A turf war is brewing between rival teams of coders all trying to be the first to crack the secret of tunnelling the Nintendo DS, and XLink's TheDaddy catagorically states:

"the last time these guys declared- us- evil- and- made- a- rival- project- to us, they went down - badly.XLink is a group of *real developers* making *real software*. Bullshit is not part of what we do here - it never has been. We've always delivered - and will deliver again. If external groups choose not to be involved with what we do, it's their choice - not ours. "

When I read that passage, I imagine Daddy's inflection being that of George C. Scott as Patton. I'd follow that man into hell.

* Tunnelling: interconnecting multiplayer games via the Internet for distance play




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