Wednesday, February 16, 2005 9:23 AM

Public homebrew for DS inches closer: NDS LIB

Joat has posted Dovoto's NDS library (the library Desktopman used in creating this DS tetris clone which is getting so much attention) on Sourceforge. Dovoto himself is working on a Day 1 tutorial for homebrewing which should be ready soon.

We're on the cusp of homebrew. I hereby pronounce that any dedicated homebrewer with high/high-moderate computer skills should begin working on their mini-boss concept sketches. Be sure to make it spit explosive eggs.

CORRECTION: This from Joat...
"ndslib isn't dovoto's (or mine for that matter), it's a combination of
the two 'libraries'. Right now, it's mainly register definitions, with some
routines (mine) to read the touch screen, clock and card, and an OpenGL-ish
3D library (dovoto's). In the future, it will include a lot more code and
perhaps earn the name library, but it'll be the work of several individuals."




At 10:03 PM, Anonymous said...

woo! lib time...


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