Saturday, March 12, 2005 5:35 PM

DS Programming Tutorial

Aaron Rogers has written a tutorial on how to begin programming for the DS. The tutorial is a work in progress, but so far Day 1 is complete, in which Aaron instructs the reader in setting up his computer for DS development. Each step is well-described and includes pictures.

I would write more but I'm anxious to get programming....

[Thanks to Aaron for telling me about the tut]




At 9:21 AM, Brett said...

Great link - guess I know what I'm doing tonight.

At 11:57 PM, Silent K said...

This comment has absolutely nothing to do with the post.

Hello TMG readers! I just wanted to say hello. So with that, ohio-gozaimasu, konichiwa or konbanwa - b/c how the hell am I supposed to know what time zone you're in? It's good to know that things like time zone or location won't matter soon due to the recent confirmation by our good old boys that we are going online. I for one am incredibly excited. The wait is absolutely killing me - and it's been killing me since October (yeah you know what I mean).

I picked up Yoshi Touch & Go yesterday after holding out, for weeks, by an extremely thin thread and deciding against that of Wario Ware Touched mainly on two principles - 1. more of the same (or so it seems & mediocrity when compared to Twisted) & 2. no multiplayer. Yoshi has surprised me, and I'm not the only one to say it - the design is great and a nice departure from many things that I've played before. I'll try out the 2 player mode tomorrow with my buddy at work who I have convinced to purchase a DS - my first self acclaimed convert ^_^.

The PSP is close, Sony is pushing it, and good for them. I can't help but check out their lineup. It looks nice - the games are not only pretty but have promise to contain much depth. And as I see Metal Gear Ac!d sitting on the shelf to the right, I see Wario Ware sitting on the shelf to the left - and I can't help but think "WTF!" We've got some quarky games, they are a lot of fun, and though it is mighty cool to be able to blow on my DS and watch the clouds be whisked away (Yoshi Touch & Go) I can't help but notice the obvious difference between these two badboys. The PSP is sporting some major, for lack of better terms, BLAST BOOM WOW KA-KLOW!!!. And then on the shelf to the left we have the click click, tap...tap...tap. What is it about the DS that keeps me in our camp? What is it about the DS that makes me say that I won't buy a PSP on launch day? Is it that I feel burned by the DS launch and I'd rather not endure such a drought of games for such a capable system again? But I couldn't possibly experience that with the PSP, right? Look at the lineup! I mean, WipEout PurE - the return of one of the best racing games of all time. A game that shined brighter than Elden Tyrel's prodigal son and lived to tell about it! -Only to be terribly destroyed by it's upgrade to the PS2 - but with the new PSP game it looks to be reviving the old style and sporting a look much more akin to the original style introduced by The Designers Republic ( and not to mention the gameplay that screams, "Hey wipeout is back" no wait - if you like me date back to the days of "URNOT(red)e" and beyond then it screams "H3y, W1p3ou7 15 B4ck!" - And that just might be enough for me to drop my DS. Sure the killer ap is on the way - Animal Crossing sure will be a blast - but what about those gamers that don't give a $&%t about collecting gyroids or whether or not the frog in the rowboat spent a night in a Hyrulean prison? Okay, you say for those people there will be Mario Kart DS? Okay besides the fact that this has to be the best version of Mario Kart to date or it won't have a chance in front of the sceptical Mario Kart masses - has Nintendo said anything about if this game will be online? Sure, they are glad to boast the 8 player WAN-play, but as far as I'm concerned, that's not going to be enough. Back in the day we were convinced that Mario Kart Double Dash would be online with the help of the cube BBA only to never receive any official support. What I'm saying here is that I really hope they don't fail us. Don't make my put my DS back in it's cardboard box only to grace the shelf space next to my Virtual Boy & Philips CD-i (which are highly valued, but seldom played). There are some great games coming down the pipes (did I just type 'pipes?') I'm very excited for Pac-Pix & Meteos. But, Nintendo - do everything in your power to assist us in creating a community that will be such a part of our lives that we would not dare leave our homes without it. Keys? check. Wallet? check. DS? check. Sanity? left that one at the door.

On that note I look forward to the next NYC multiplay. Maybe some place with New Castle on tap? tap...tap...tap...tap...

At 2:39 AM, Anonymous said...

^i like this comment

At 6:50 AM, atchou69 said...

I totally agree with this article... He typed exactly what was on my mind but in better words. Nintendo, you wanted to get rid of the stereo type of game "boy" so you changed the name to ds to appeal to an older crowd. I have owned every Nintendo system that came out( except the Virtual Boy; still dont ketch that buzz). You could give this a PDA function ( looking forward for NDS Organizer plus), so we could use it for work and awesome gaming... still waiting for mind blowing games.


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