Friday, March 04, 2005 2:14 AM

Tetanus on Drugs

You can turn your back on a man, but never turn your back on a drug themed Tetris clone. (R.I.P. Hunter)

Pin Eight's homebrew falling tetramino gamegame Tetanus On Drugs is just that. The screen undulates and the psychedelic field in the back ground bumps to the the music while you play an expertly ported Tetris clone. Although no-one can debate the beneficial properties of illegal street drugs - this is one game which convincingly demonstrates once and for all that drugs are are an essential and inseperable part of having fun with video games.

Don't like drugs? You'll still enjoy the trippy visuals and ass-busting beats. Object so strenuously to drugs that seeing drug imagery upsets you? ...Perhaps you'll enjoy playing with this red rubber ball. Oops - got away from you, there. Keep at it, slugger.

Don't worry about the writeable cartridges - the game is quite serviceable in Visual Boy Advance.




At 3:23 PM, Anonymous said...

Was that a reference to Hunter S. Thompson? Yes indeed, the world has lost a great journalist and man.

At 2:02 AM, Silent K said...

This is one of the cooler homebrws that I've seen. Strange how at one point in the game's song, it mimicks the rock remix of Puff Daddy's 'All About the Benjamins (circa '98). Odd. Great for playing on a flash card with the GameBoy Player, but it does give me a ehadache after a while...


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